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Trading Business

Have a trading -merchandise- business? Where you buy goods to re-sell them.

It is very important to track the demand and supply of goods, to have an effective stock management system, and to keep track of all your bookkeeping and accounting activities. To ensure smooth operations and increased ROI.

Warehouse Management

Manage your branches, warehouses, locations, shelves, and bins.

Complete structure to store and track your inventory, scalable to any future expansions.

Inventory Handling

Advanced routing, rules, transfers, and validations.

Get full control of all inventory transactions, easily manage multiple locations, warehouses, and branches, and save the time and effort of your workers.

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Whether you are trading in appliances, furniture, fashion, luxury products, or even automotive.

Having an ERP system is as much important as having a brand, the cost of wasted time and effort consumed in manual work is higher than the cost of the ERP.

Increase your ROI and time efficiency with our solutions for trading businesses, reduce your team's unnecessary effort, and transform your business into effective automation.

The ERP system is the company's most Valuable Asset.

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