Value Packs

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Our expertise can craft solutions to be significant assets, guarantee best practices, and build a scalable ERP

Success Consulting Hours

  • Recommended for *
  • Dedicated Project Manager 
  • Dedicated Consultant 
  • Server Installation **
  • Call, Chat, and Email support
  • Configuration & Implementation
  • Master Data Import
  • Training & Coaching
  • Training Materials
  • Bug Fixing
  • Onsite Consultation & Training ***
  • Apps Customization ****


50 Hours

  • Expanding SMEs


​20 Hours

  • Small Startups


100 Hours

  • Established Entities


200 Hours

  • Large Corporations

*        Recommended for
    • Small Startups: Ideal for startups finding their feet.
    • Expanding SMEs: Perfect for SMEs scaling operations.
    • Established Entities: Best for businesses solidifying their mark.
    • Large Corporations: Tailored for large corporations' vast needs.
**     Extra fees, variable per the hosting (server) option.
***   Extra travel expenses are billed.
**** Extra fees, variable per the required solutions.

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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about our value packs, if you still have an inquiry, please Contact Us

Our Value Packs offer comprehensive Odoo implementation services tailored to diverse business needs. At their core are our seasoned consultants and adept project managers. They ensure Odoo's seamless integration using top-tier industry practices, guiding you from an in-depth needs analysis to setup, customization, training, and post-launch support.

Our commitment to continuous knowledge sharing ensures you harness Odoo's full potential. Whether you're a startup or an established corporation, our Value Packs promise a bespoke, efficient, and value-centric Odoo experience.

The Dedicated Consultant is your navigator in the Odoo voyage. They start with a custom business analysis to align Odoo with your objectives. Overseeing module customization, integrations, and data migration, they consistently keep you updated.

They ensure rigorous pre-launch testing and extend post-launch support, addressing any hiccups and ensuring your team's comfort with Odoo. Their seasoned expertise ensures a smooth and impactful Odoo implementation.

The Dedicated Project Manager is your Odoo project's anchor. Employing sophisticated project management strategies, they craft and oversee a robust project roadmap, targeting punctual, high-quality delivery. Bridging gaps between stakeholders, they champion transparent communication and alignment.

Anticipating challenges, they adeptly manage risks, ensuring your project stays on track. Throughout your Odoo journey, they remain a consistent pillar of support, adapting to changing needs and ensuring seamless project flow.

Custom developments or integrations are our forte. Whether it's leveraging pre-existing solutions or innovating from scratch, our seasoned development and QC teams rise to the challenge. These bespoke services can either complement your Value Pack or be sourced through our specialized Tech Squad Packs.

We delve deep into understanding your requirements. If we have a ready solution, it's swiftly rolled out; otherwise, we craft one ensuring it's in harmony with your business goals and Odoo's architecture.