Tech Squad Packs

Pack Up with Top Odoo Remote Talents

Offers flexibility to clients and partners by providing both technical expertise and the option to integrate consultancy when required



Scalable Team

Compete Efficiently

With our Expert Tech Talents

On-Demand Tech Team

Leverage our pool of exceptionally talented developers, giving you the reins to direct and oversee your unique project.

Quality Assurance Commitment

If any talent doesn't align with your expectations, we ensure a swift and suitable replacement, maintaining project momentum.

Dynamic Scalability

Quickly augment your tech squad size for heightened demands or downsize with agility, adapting to your project's ebb and flow.

End-to-End Resource Oversight

Beyond recruitment, we handle all administrative tasks — from payroll to leave management, letting you zero in on your project milestones.

Precision Hiring Process

Our meticulous vetting singles out the top 10% of remote engineers, ensuring that our tech squads are always driven by excellence.

Seamless Collaboration

Incorporate our tech squad into your workflow with dedicated communication tools and consistent updates, ensuring a cohesive working experience regardless of distance.

Basic Builder


$ 1,600 .00

/ month

With Consultant $ 2,400 .00
  • 40 hours/month
  • Basic Development, Bug Fixes, Minor Customizations
  • Optional +20 consultation hrs. for analysis and management
  • QC Testers

​Advanced Architect


$ 2,933 .33

/ month

With Consultant $ 4,533 .33
  • 80 hours/month
  • Advanced Development, API Integrations, Module Customization
  • Optional +40 consultation hrs. for deep analysis and strategic management
  • QC Testers

Elite Engineer


$ 5,688 .89

/ month

With Consultant $ 7,288 .89
  • 160 hours/month
  • Full-stack Development, System Integration, Complex Module Development
  • Optional +80 consultation hrs. for holistic project management and strategy
  • QC Testers

Partner Power

Partner Tech Boost

Negotiable Price

  • Flexible hours as per agreement
  • Bespoke development, Specialized skills for other Odoo partners
  • Customized consultation hours based on the scale and scope of projects
  • Pay as-you-go, on a monthly/weekly basis

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Below are the Frequently Asked Questions about our Tech Squad Packs, if you still have an inquiry, please Contact Us

Our Tech Squad Packs encompass a range of specialized bundles tailored to distinct Odoo development needs.

  1. Basic Builder: Ideal for businesses requiring foundational and basic developments, this pack offers engineers adept at handling introductory tasks and enhancements.
  2. Advanced Architect: Suited for those needing more sophisticated solutions, this pack brings in adept developers capable of intricate customizations and API integrations.
  3. Elite Engineer: Designed for businesses with complex requirements, it offers our most experienced developers, specializing in full-stack development and system integrations.
  4. Partner Power: Tailored for Odoo partners, this pack provides an array of expertise, making it perfect for diverse and extensive project needs.

Each pack ensures Odoo is fine-tuned to your unique requirements. Beyond development, the Tech Squad prioritizes efficiency, scalability, and adaptability, serving both individual businesses and augmenting other Odoo partners. Dive into unparalleled technical prowess, tailored just for you

Introducing our Optional Consultation isn't merely an addition—it's an enhancement. This service provides you access to a seasoned consultant who not only bridges the gap between your aspirations and our technical prowess but amplifies value with their profound industry insights and best practices accumulated over the years.

Their role ensures your project's nuances are captured accurately, facilitating precision in custom developments that mirror your business objectives. By overseeing the project, they offer streamlined communication, fostering both clarity and momentum. Their veteran oversight ensures timely, quality delivery.

For businesses without in-house consultancy expertise, this service becomes indispensable, fortifying your Odoo project's trajectory toward success.

Our Tech Squad Packs are versatile tools designed for a spectrum of businesses and professionals:

  • For companies without an in-house Odoo team or partner, our Squad offers unparalleled technical expertise to optimize and elevate their Odoo systems.
  • Complex business needs? Our seasoned team crafts bespoke solutions, ensuring your intricate challenges are met with precision.
  • Existing Odoo partners can seamlessly scale or augment their capabilities by integrating our adept remote technical unit, adapting swiftly to burgeoning project demands.
  • Freelance Odoo consultants will find our Tech Squad invaluable, adding depth to their services with our dual offering of premium consultation and top-notch technical implementation.

Crucially, our Tech Squad boasts adaptability in working hours, ensuring we're synchronized with client time zones and workflows. This commitment underscores our promise of flexibility, ensuring every Odoo endeavor is primed for success, regardless of its global positioning or scale

With our Tech Squad Packs, we prioritize seamless communication and workflow. Each squad utilizes dedicated communication tools, regular updates, and status check-ins, ensuring that distance doesn't hamper project progress.

Additionally, our squads are trained to integrate swiftly into various project management tools and methodologies, guaranteeing that they align with your in-house processes and provide a cohesive working experience throughout the project lifecycle.