Self-Service Portal

Time Off

Leaves Requests and Follow-up.


Apply for Expense Requests, with Approvals.


Online Attendance without Internal access.

Payroll Variables

Variable Salary inputs by Team Leaders with Approvals.

No need for paid Internal Users

Get our Odoo portal solution for employee self-service.

Allow your employees to process their operations for Free.

Whether you need a portal for leaves, expenses, attendance, payment collectors, or even team leaders to submit their teams' allowances and deductions. Our Odoo portal solution is customizable to fit any need.

Grant Access

Grant your employees access to the portal-allowed functions.


Employees will submit their records or requests. 


Internal users will process the submitted documents.


The portal will show the status of the submitted documents.

​Get your employees' requests Digitized

Pay only once, no yearly fees, unlimited employees.